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« Dimanches de décembre », Marcher-Projeter, un projet en collaboration avec Carole Nosella 

« He did not attempt a response. Instead, he indicated for me to follow him. As we continued down the block, Hohenstein was constantly talking. If you think of the city as geology unearthed, it is nonstop: he pointed out features of the sidewalks and streets; walls, roofs, and stairs; atriums, cornices, and decorative rosettes. All were stones; all were known to him. Just this one block, a random sample of any block in this city or any city, contained the history of geology across eras and locales. But it began to look to me like a mash-up history written by lunatics [...]. Underfoot, concrete, made of heated limestone, cement, and pebbles, nudged slabs of quarried granite from Maine and bluestone from Vermont. [...] Now the block and its contents appeared to me more as a jumble of geological time and place. »

Alexandra Horowitz, On Looking, Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes, New York, Scribner, 2013.


Dimanches de décembre, marcher-projeter: un projet d’art en marche lié à la question de l’écran et au déplacement du corps et de l’espace-temps. Bridget Sheridan/Carole Nosella.

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